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Interior decoration

The “Interior decoration” category encompasses a wide variety of elements and accessories designed to embellish and personalize interior spaces. These items not only enhance the aesthetics of a room, but also contribute to creating cozy and functional environments with their own character. The right selection of decorative elements can completely change the perception of a space, bringing elegance, style and comfort.

1. Art and Walls: Elements that decorate and fill the walls with life.
– Paintings
– Mirrors
– Murals
– Decorative shelves

2. Lighting: Lamps and light systems that not only illuminate, but also decorate.
– Table lamps
– Floor lamps
– Wall sconces
– Luminous garlands

3. Fabrics and materials that provide comfort and style.
– Curtains
– Rugs
– Decorative cushions
– Blankets and throws

4. Plants and Flowers: Natural or artificial elements that provide freshness and color.
– Indoor plants
– Artificial flowers
– Decorative pots
– Vertical gardens

5. Decorative Accessories: Small details that add personality and character to the space.
– Vases
– Sculptures
– Wall and table clocks
– Candles and candlesticks

6. Temporary Decoration: Specific decorations for holidays and events.
– Festive decorations (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
– Seasonal decorations (spring, summer, fall, winter).
– Specific themes (wedding, birthday, special events).

7. Organizers: Storage solutions that also embellish.
– Decorative boxes and baskets
– Coat racks and hangers
– Desk organizers
– Decorative shelves

8. Paper and Books: Elements that combine function and decoration.
– Decorative paper objects (such as origami and cut-out figures)
– Design and photography books
– Decorative magazines
– Magazine holders

9. Table Decoration: Items that embellish and organize table surfaces.
– Table centerpieces
– Table linens and table runners
– Designer tableware
– Cup and napkin holders