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How to Load and Save Families in Revit?

To use loadable families in projects or templates, load (import) them with the Load Family tool. After you load a family into a project, it is saved with that project.

Some families are preloaded in the templates that are included with Revit. Any projects that you create with these templates include the families loaded in the template.

You can find, preview, and load other families from the following sources:

  • The Revit library that is provided with the softwareNote: Content is provided in a separate download. For additional information see: Download and Install Revit Content
  • Other local or networked libraries
  • Manufacturers’ websites
  • Other third-party websites

Most of the families that you load from the Revit library are fully editable.

When loading large families that contain many types into a project, you can use a type catalog to load only the types that you need. Type catalogs are easy to create. By allowing you to load only selected family types, they help to keep your project sizes from growing needlessly large.

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