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Load Revit Families with Shared Components Into a Project

You load families that contain nested components or nested and shared components into a project using the same methods as any other family.

When you load a family comprised of nested components or nested and shared components into a project, the following rules apply:

  • The host family, along with all nested and shared components, is loaded into the project. Each nested component is available within the Project Browser under its respective family category.
  • A nested family can exist within a project and be shared by more than one host family.
  • When loading shared families, if a version of one of the families already exists within the project, you have the option to use the version from the project or from the family you are loading.

Attention: After a shared family is loaded into a project, you cannot reload an unshared version of the same family and overwrite it. You must delete the family and reload it.

To load families with shared components into a project

  1. Open the project into which you want to load the family.
  2. Click Insert tabLoad from Library panel (Load Family).
  3. In the Load Family dialog, select the family to load, and click Open.
  4. Alternative: As an alternative to steps 2-4, Load a Family Using Load Autodesk Family .
  5. Add instances of the family to your projects.
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